The Carmelite nun’s apostolate is purely contemplative, excluding all forms of active ministry.

Echoing the words of St Thérèse of the Child Jesus, that “I will be love at the heart of the Church”, she makes her pilgrim way in silence and self-sacrifice to her heavenly homeland. Love is the keynote which explains the hidden cloistered life of prayer, self-denial and zeal for souls wherein she embraces the Crucified Christ, and with Him, the entire world. In the poor, the destitute, the suffering, the Carmelite nun finds the face of Christ as she offers for them, in silent oblation, her daily life of vowed chastity, obedience and poverty; working with her hands to help support her community, and joyfully sharing the life of the poor. She cooperates with Christ, her Divine Bridegroom, in His Redemptive work of salvation and of bringing peace to our troubled world. Like little brown roots in the ground, the hidden prayers and sacrifices of Carmelite Nuns are used by God to bring forth strength and fortitude to those engaged in Apostolic labor. Each day, her life of loving union with Our Lord finds its highest expression in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. United to the self-oblation of the Lamb of God, she offers herself and all creation to the glory of the Father and begs His mercy for all mankind

Her self-denial consists of a conversion of heart along with external acts of mortification carried out with gentleness, kindness and joyousness of heart. It is a means of growing in the love of Christ and of sharing in His mission of salvation.

By the solemn vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, she commits herself to a “life of allegiance to  Jesus Christ”. They are her unconditional response to God’s love for her and
His call to her.

The formation period consists of three main stages: postulancy for one year, noviciate for two years, and temporary profession for five years. The length of these stages varies somewhat from monastery to monastery. Before postulancy there is a live-in experience with us, not longer than three months.


1- The presence of a Carmelite vocation and call to a life of prayer

2- A joyous spirit of generosity and love that leads a person to the total gift of self

3- Good moral, physical and psychological health

4- Some college study or sufficient work experience for the sake of greater maturity

5- Interest and ability to grow within the context of an enclosed life

6- Freedom from obligations to others (debts, dependents, etc…).

7- Age limit is determined by the above requirements.

Should you feel called to a Carmelite vocation, please contact us by writing or calling us at 250-546-8801.