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Novena Prayer

(December 16th to 24th)

O Christ, our Lord and King, come for the sake of your Church, your people, that by her strength and unity of love she may proclaim to all the world the glory and joy of your kingdom.  In bond of union, draw mankind to your reign of love, your reign of gentleness, of mercy and of truth.  Help each of us to build your kingdom, to prepare our hearts in love as your Christmas light shines clear.

Sweet Infant Jesus, bless us.



Dear Friend of Carmel,

We invite you to join us in your home by saying each day for nine days the novena prayer to the Infant Jesus, (December 16th to the 24th inclusive).

As Christmas draws near, let us rejoice that once again our Saviour comes to us as a little Child full of light and hope for our world so beset with violence and turmoil.  May His peace and great love penetrate through this darkness so that all hearts will experience His saving power and great love for each one of us.  Truly, God has loved the world so much that He has sent His only Begotten Son so that we may have life and have it more abundantly.  A Novena of Nine Masses will be offered for your intentions beginning December 26th to January 3rd at the Monastery chapel.

We take this opportunity to thank those who sent the names of their beloved faithful departed for the month of November.

A Blessed Christmas to all!  Your humble sisters and servants in Jesus, Mary
and Joseph,

The Carmelite Nuns.