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Peace of Christ!

Novena Prayer – December 16th to 24th

O Christ, our Lord and King, come for the sake of your Church, your people, that by her strength and unity of love she may proclaim to all the world the glory and joy of your kingdom. In bond of union draw mankind to your reign of love, your reign of gentleness, of mercy and of truth. Help each of us to build your kingdom, to prepare our hearts in love as your Christmas shines clear. Sweet Infact Jesus, bless us. Amen.

Dear Friends of Carmel,

We invite you to join us in our Novena to the Infant Jesus from December 16th to 24th inclusive.
The Infant King at Bethlehem is truly the Divine Light that enlightens everyone who comes into the world. It was this Light, shining through the star that led the Magi Kings to the place from which the King of Israel and Ruler of the World would come, as foretold by the prophets of old.

Let us place all our intentions before this good and loving King of all creation, the Prince of Peace, the Babe of Bethlehem. Let us trust he will hear our humble prayers and grant the desires of our hearts.

We take this opportunity to thank those who sent the names of their beloved faithful departed for the month of November.

A blessed Christmas to all,

Your humble sisters and servants in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
The Carmelite Nuns

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